Order Start Time and Speed
Start time 
is the first part of a service name:
Instagram Followers [5K] [6H - 5K/D - R30]
Delivery speed is the second part of a service name:
Instagram Followers [5K] [6H - 5K/D - R30]
Start time and Speed on any service name may not be 100% accurate. If you have a slower start or delivery speed, do not send a ticket, we won't be able to help you out with that matter except if it comes in the cancellation Conditions mentioned above.

Refill is mentioned on the end of the service name:
Instagram Followers [5K] [6H - 5K/D - R30]
[Empty]: Service that does not contain any of the following are considered No Refill Services
R (Refill): R30, R60, R120, R∞. Those are the one you might see on a service name. They define the number of days they have a refill on. If an order has dropped, please send a ticket mention the Order ID. Allow up to 48h for the refill to start.
AR (Auto-Refill): Service will be refilled automatically, no need to send us your order
♻: If service name contains this icon, you have the ability to press the Refill Button on the Order History page. Do not open a ticket for that matter.

Canceling any Stuck Orders after 3 days
We can cancel an order after 3 days if no increase has been seen on the URL. Be sure that you check the order manually by visiting the URL and see if the counter increase. Sometimes Status on our panel can be bugged because of the API. 
To help us out, ask a first time for cancellation with your order number. If after 3 days the order hasn't been canceled yet, ask for cancellation again and mention that it has been 3 days without any movement.
We will not cancel any orders that are increasing but has a bugged status(Ex. Processing). We will not cancel orders for any other reason { Slow speed, wrong URL }

Duplicate Orders
If by accident you made duplicate orders, or you made a second order before the first order was marked as completed, we will not be able to refund any of them. Please be careful and take your time when ordering.